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Richard Barrett

by Albrecht Moritz

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Richard Barrett (born 1959) may not be as widely known as other avant-garde composers, but I was greatly surprised at just how much his monumental composition CONSTRUCTION (2011) managed to impress and fascinate me. Since then I have put a renewed effort into exploring his vivid, adventurous and colorful music and have found it to be consistently excellent and compelling. The polyphonic textures in his music are dense and exciting. Now I have come to consider Barrett to be one of the most outstanding composers of the last few decades.


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Negatives (CD)
featuring works from 1986 to 2001

Dark Matter (1990-2003)

Music for cello and electronics
life-form (2011-2012)
nacht und träume (2004-2008)
Blattwerk (1998-2002)

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