Further acknowledgments

Thanks to Larry Rinkel, Luke Ottevanger and Bill Pier for compelling me to broaden my horizons regarding modern classical music and for inducing in me the right mindset to do so, and to them, Joseph Henry, Karl Henzy, Edward Wright, Scott Spires and many others for great discussions about the music, especially in my "formative" phase. I am also grateful to Kurt Hoffman for helping me to expand my knowledge of electronic music, to Bernard Pulham, Steven Truelove and others for their support for my Stockhausen texts and to all of them for discussions as well. Thanks to Antonio Pérez Abellán for answering technical questions about the realization of Stockhausen's music.

Many thanks to José Carrero for extended guidance to modern classical music and great in-depth conversations about it, as well as for his enthusiasm and his listening recommendations that have led me to explore late as well as early Stockhausen.

Many thanks also to Jim Stonebraker who was so kind to host my texts on the official Stockhausen home page for the first two years of this project.

My gratitude extends to my wife Josipa in a special way, for supporting my enthusiasm for music in general and Stockhausen’s music in particular, for visiting with me Stockhausen concerts and courses, and for her understanding when my mind is propelled into that "other world".